Top Open Source Big Data Analytics Tools

Big Data Tools List: We have learned so much about the big data so far. Today we are going to address big data analytics tools, technologies, and techniques. In the market, there are thousands of big data analytics tools that promise to save money, time and provide the best results. But what to choose when you so many options. So which one is right for you according to your skill set? Also which will be best suited for your project.

So here is the list for you to save your precious time and from the below list you can easily pick the right tool that helps in storage, visualizing, extraction and integrating.

Top Data Analytics Tools

Below is the list of mostly used data analysis tools that are used utilized by the organizations as well as beginners.

  1. Data Storage and Management

While working with the big data then you need to think that how you can store this data. This data needs storage because the data is so huge that it is impossible for a traditional system to handle such a huge amount of data.

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2. Hadoop

The Hadoop is always used with big data. Hadoop is an open source software framework that is used for the distributed storage of large datasets on the computer clusters. Hadoop has the ability to store a massive amount of data, huge processing power and capability of handling virtual concurrent jobs.

Hadoop is not made for a beginner. To use Hadoop efficiently, one really needs to learn java. But learning java and Hadoop are worth it as most of the companies have started using it efficiently.

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3. Cloudera

Cloudera is needful for Hadoop that has some extra services with it. This can help your business, to build entire enterprise data hub that usually provides the people working in your organization to have an access to the data that is stored.

Cloudera is an enterprise solution which helps various businesses to manage their Hadoop ecosystem easily. It also helps in data security which is one of the major issues.

4. MongoDB

MongoDB is a start-up approach for the databases. This can be an alternative to relation database. MongoDB is good at handling data that is unstructured or the semi-structured data or the data that changes very frequently.

This is usually used for the content management, product catalogs, storing the data for the mobile applications and applications that delivers a unique and single view across all multiple systems. Also, this tool is not for the beginners as it requires proper understanding.

5. Data cleaning

Before you can actually use or mine the data for the insights the first step is to clean it. As it is found good to always create a structured data set for convenient working. As the data collected from the web is unstructured and are in various forms that require proper cleaning.

Openrefine is  one of the open source tools which is used for cleaning the data. Using the tool the data can be easily structured.

6. MapReduce

MapReduce is also used in parallel with Hadoop. MapReduce is a software framework and also a programming model that is used for writing applications. MapReduce is used to process a huge amount of data. MapReduce is highly used by the Hadoop and also by many data processing applications.

7. Apache Spark

Apache Spark is rapidly growing as one of the most important big data analysis tools. This tool is an open source framework for the cluster computing. Spark is usually used as an alternative for the Hadoop’s MapReduce.

8. Apache Hive

Apache Hive is the SQL on Hadoop data processing engine. Hive  make use of the query language named as HiveQL. The language is based on the SQL.

Benefits of using Big Data Analytics Tools

Using all the are tools mainly 3 applications can be fulfilled easily that re new business opportunities, saving in cost and competitive advantage

  • Cost Saving: As most of the big data tools like Hadoop allows organizations to store a huge amount data and then use it. So big data tools allow the business to store data in the much cheaper way.
  • New Business Opportunities: The big data tools also helps in exploring the new business opportunities. Start ups and Entrepreneurs have taken its advantage to much extent.
  • Competitive advantage

So all these were  the big data tools and its benefits. Some of the tools can also be used by the beginners but some of the tools are only for the technical candidates who have knowledge of the tools and other languages that need to be used with the tools.


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