Top Data Science Training Courses in Bangalore

Data Science Training in Banglore: It’s been said that Data Scientist is one of the sexiest jobs of the 21st century, but have you thought that why is it so or why it has become such a demanded position. In short, the answer is that over the last few years there has been a huge increment in the data generated and data retained by the firms. Most of the time, this huge amount of data is called as “big data”. Data Scientists are the one who knows how to make use of these data sets for the benefits of the organisation. As predicted by McKinsey the demand for the data analysts/ scientists is increasing so rapidly that by 2018 there will be 50% gap in between the supply and demand of data scientists.

So there is a need for the candidate who want to their career in data science to learn the skills of data science and fill this gap. So today we are going to list down top Data Science Courses in Bangalore that the students can enrol for and start taking the course.

Best Data Science Training Courses in Bangalore

Mostly 3 skills are required by a data scientist, Programming skills, Business Understanding and Mathematical Skills. For the convenience of students, many institutes have launched various courses that prepare students to work in the data science field. The courses are available both online as well as offline. You can choose the courses as per your convenience. So below are data analytics courses in Bangalore.

  1. Data Science Training

This data science courses in Banglore is provided by Endupristine. All the candidates who have a bachelor degree in any of the discipline such as engineering, maths/ statistics, computer science or finance are fit for this data science course. Also, the candidates who have prior experience in the Unix and core java are best suited for this course. The course consists of all the important topics from basics to the advanced level. The fees of the course are Rs. 75000. The key features of the course are exam preparation sessions, classroom training, discussion forum, assignment and cases and 24*7 access to study material.

2. SAS Course Training

This training is provided by GITS. The whole duration of the course is 1 month. The course curriculum is mainly focused on SAS. The course helps to understand Basic and Advanced concepts of SAS. The topics in SAS consists of reading raw data, data manipulation nd preparation, creating reports, SAS SQL Concepts and much more. Apart from the candidates will also get trained with other products of SAS such as Access, SQL, STAT, Macros.

3. Data Science Courses

This data science courses in Bangalore is offered by the Analytics training Institute. The data science training institute provides learning on the related concepts of the data science that re big data, Hadoop, SAS, advanced excel, R and much more. The key features of the course are tests. projects and assignments.

4. Data Science Program

This data science Training in Bangalore is provided by Orange Tree Global. The course provides training in following topics related to data science such as Big Data, SAS, Excel, R and many other topics. Apart from the course training the candidates will get services on resume building. placement opportunities etc. The maximum duration of the course is 16 sessions and it varies from course to course.

So these were some of the best data analytics courses in Bangalore. You can go through all these courses thoroughly. The links to the websites of the courses have been mentioned with the names of the training centres. You can choose on of the following course according to your requirement and knowledge. Also if you didn’t find any of the course worth then you can go for online learning that is free too. Also if you are interested in Best Big data training courses in Bangalore or Top Big data training courses in India then you can go through this article.

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