Top Big Data/Hadoop Training Courses in Banglore

Big Data Training Banglore | Hadoop Training in Banglore: The world is now days becoming all data driven. Each of the decisions now days is taken on data from the stock markets to the machines, everything is based on data. The data/information generation is growing exponentially, using this data number of solutions can be developed.

Taking an example, Facebook is one of the biggest platform of social networking nowdays that entirely depends on the data that is generated by its users and the data can be in any form audio, video, text etc. And the companies business model depends on this data. If there will be more users, more data will be generated and more accurately ad companies can plan their targets. This was just for facebook, just like this there are many companies who strategise their work according to the data generated.

As the data increases, the demand for data management is increasing which requires professional data analysts professionals. Big data analytics will be the mainstream with increased adoption of the technology in every industry.

So here comes the need to learn the big data and Hadoop skills to efficiently fulfill the companies criteria. So all the candidates who want to make their career in big data analytics should know all the basics and should have skilled knowledge of the technology. Here we are going to enlist some of the Hadoop training institutes in Bangalore which provide big data Hadoop learning.

Big Data Analytics/ Hadoop Training in Banglore

In this article, you will get Big Data/Hadoop Training in Bangalore, Karnataka. The training centers are listed down according to their course schedules, features, and accessibility.

Top Big Data Training in Banglore

  1. Big Data and Hadoop Developer Certification Training

The course is provided by one of the best-known institutes Simplilearn. The training center provides 180 days of access to the high quality, self-paced learning content that is being designed by the industry experts. The keys features of this training program are:

  • 36 hours of Instructor-Led Training
  • 24 hours of High-Quality Elearning
  • 60 hours of industry projects
  • Hands-on project execution with CloudLab
  • Expert Assistant Premium Support
  • Earn Hadoop 2.7 experience certificate

The course includes big data introduction and Hadoop, Hadoop architecture, Hadoop deployment, HBase, Zookeeper, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Pig, Hadoop Administration and Troubleshooting.

2. Hadoop Administration Training and Certification: GreyCampus

The course is provided by the Grey campus. It provides instructor-led classes on Hadoop Administration. This course is best for the Software engineers, DBA’s, System administrators and Linux admins. The course covers the topics Hadoop architecture and all its components and Maintaining, Managing and Troubleshooting a Hadoop Cluster. After the course completion, you will become a successful Hadoop Administrator.

3. Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Training

The course is given by the Simplilearn. The course covers all the topics and provides all the knowledge to become a big data and Hadoop administrator. The course covers the topics such as Hadoop components, advanced cluster configuration, planning Hadoop cluster, MapReduce, yarn and Hadoop ecosystem components. After the course completion, the candidates need to clear an online exam with the minimum of 80% marks.

4. GreyCampus: Big Data Hadoop Developer Training and Certification

The course is given by the Grey campus. The course syllabus includes the topics big data introduction, ecosystem, need and applications of big data, HBase, Pig, Hive, Oozie, Flume. At the time of course quizzes, assignments and projects will be provided to candidates to evaluate their learning. The registration process of the course is provided on the main website of grey campus.

5. Hadoop Developer: Keonig Solutions

This course is given by Keonig Solutions. The Keonig Solutions provides the Hadoop developer certification and make students create robust data processing applications using the Apache Hadoop. After the course completion, the students will be able to comprehend the workflow execution and working with APIs by executing joins and writing the MapReduce codes. The course is best suited for the developers and engineers who have prior programming experience. The students must have knowledge of java that is required to complete the hands-on experience.

6. Hadoop Administration: Keiong Solutions

This course is likewise provided by the Keonig Solutions. The candidates having the prior knowledge of Hadoop fundamentals and programming will be benefited. The course includes topics such as Big Data, Hadoop, Cluster, Pig, Sqoop, Hadoop Resource Management, Cluster Maintenance, HBase, Cluster Troubleshooting  and many more topics. The course price is Rs. 72,000/-

7. Hadoop Training Institute: Keylabs Training

This course is given by Keylabs Training. It provides Hadoop online training program for the candidates who are looking to make a career in this stream. The training provides candidates training in real time experience with the platform and enhances the expertise with the platform. The Hadoop training enables candidates to perform the different roles in the hadoop domain including architect, developer, tester, admin and data. The course is good for all those who are planning to start their career in big data.

In this article, I have covered up all the training programs of Big Data Hadoop Training in Banglore that are available in Bangalore. The courses enlisted here are good enough to enable a candidate to get big data analytics jobs. So the candidates who aspire t learn bog data and Hadoop and start their career  this field can go through the list to choose the best training as per their needs.

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