Top Big Data Hadoop Training and Courses in Pune

Big Data Training in Pune: Big Data is dominating nowadays the world of analytics/ data science. Big Data is offering a range of opportunities for all the candidates who are interested to pursue their career in data analytics field. As per the McKinsey Global Report 2015, ” Big Data would require 1.5 million managers by the year 2018″. And according to, the average salary of the Big Data Hadoop Developer is $153k. And also as per the surveys done so far, in the next 3 years, more than the half of the data in the world will move to Hadoop. So there is no wonder that why there is a need for Big Data Hadoop Training in Pune .

Here we are going to enlist some of the best  institutes that provide Big Data Hadoop training in Pune. These are the institutes based in Pune, and provide from basic to high-level learning to all those who are interested in this field.

Top Big Data Hadoop Training Institutes in Pune

  1. Mongo DB Training Program

This big data Hadoop training in Pune is provided by a Mongo DB Training Program. This course is best for the candidates who have basic knowledge of databases. All those candidates who will have prior knowledge or experience and has database professionals, DBA, IT professionals, System administrators, software developers will have an advantage over all those who don’t know above skills. The most important feature of this course is 100% job assistance, live projects, assignments, experienced faculty, the limited size of batches, attention to each and every candidate individually. The training will make you master on of the most popular SQL databases. Also, you will able to develop database designs for MongoDB applications.  

The course is designed to cover up all the modules of MongoDB, some of them are MongoDb query introduction, Relational vs NoSQL databases, MongoDB indexing etc.

2.  Big Data Hadoop Training Program

The ideal candidates that we can say for this course include Analytics Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, Software Testing, Software Developers and also graduates who are keen to build their career in Big Data field. The training institute is based in Pune. The features of one of this big data courses in Pune training are live projects, assignments, personalised attention to each candidate, 100% job assistance, and limited batch size. The course includes the essential concepts in it such as Hive, Hbase, Zookeeper, MapReduce, Cluster, Oozie, HDFS, Hadoop and much more.

3. Hadoop Administration Training & Certification

The course is provided by the Grey campus. The candidates who can benefit from this course are Linux admins, Software engineers, System administrators and DBAs. As the candidate successfully completes the course he/she is expected to become a successful Hadoop administrator. The course consists some essential points of Hadoop such as HDFS, Apache, Yard, MapReduce etc.  The key features of this training are assignments, experts, globally recognised expert trainers etc. For this course, candidates are expected to have a prior knowledge of Linux and java. Some of the training components are 30 hours of live webinar sessions, one year access, dedicated support, 100% money back guarantee. The registration process for the course is given on the website.

4. Hadoop Training

This Hadoop Training in Pune is provided by the LIPS. This course is best for the beginners, as this does not require any kind of prior knowledge before starting the course. The course is designed in such a way that it gives an overview of all the technologies related to big data and the role of big data in various industries. The industries that are covered up in the course are telecom, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, advertising etc. The whole duration the course is 6 weeks. This is a classroom training program that is provided at Karve road, nal stop, Pune. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have all the knowledge related to big data and the role of big data in industries.

5. Big Data Hadoop Administration Certification Training

This big data training in Pune is provided by the Simplilearn. The course duration is not fixed as it varies from 15 days to 1 month. The one benefit of the course if you want to do is that it is provided with both offline as well as online. The key features of the course are 24 hours instructor led training, free 90 days e-learning access, 17 hours of e-learning high-quality content, latest and advanced modules such as YARN, Pig, Impala, Sqoop etc. The course is based on Hadoop and covers up all the important concepts of the Hadoop ecosystem. The course is best for the candidates who aspire to have fast growing a career in big data, aim to have a skilful role and are looking for a challenging position. The course makes equips you to take Hadoop Administrator responsibilities in provisioning, installing, monitoring, maintaining and securing Hadoop and Hadoop eco system components.

6. Big Data and Hadoop Developer Certification Training

This course is provided by the Simplilearn. The course duration is 15 days to 1 month. The main features of the course are 25 hrs of high-quality e-learning content, 32 hrs of instructor-led training, 60 hours of real time industry based projects and much more. The course covers up the main content of big data like Hadoop, Pig, Zookeeper, MapReduce, Flume, Sqoop and related troubleshooting nd security elements. The course is available both offline as well as online. The candidates ideal for this course is data warehousing professionals, data management professionals graduates and business intelligent professionals

The data analytics courses in Pune provided by all these institutes are best in their own way. You need to figure it out which course and institute you want to join for your learning further.

So these were some of the best institutes that are based in the Pune. So if you aspire to take forward your career in Big Data field, then you should enrol in these courses. The courses provide the big data training in Pune and Hadoop training in Pune.

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