Top 5 Python Online Course and Training

The Data Science with the Python Online Course discovers different  Python libraries and several tools that help you tackle every  stage of Data Analytics. Python is a very  general purpose multi-paradigm programming language used by  data science that has gained large popularity because of  simplicity of its syntax  and operability on different eco-systems. This online Python course can help programmers in enabling  them to  play with data by allowing them to do anything they need for  data – data munging, data wrangling, web application building, data engineering and much  more. Python language makes it easy for the  programmers to write maintainable, large scale robust code.

The course starts off with a brief introduction of Data Science, statistical concepts pertaining to Data Analytics, and a few basic concepts in  Python programming. It then goes on for covering  in-depth content for libraries such as NumPy,  SciPy,Pandas, scikit-learn, and Matplotlib. The course also acts importantly to tackles important activities such as web scraping and in activities of Python integration with Hadoop MapReduce and Spark.

Best 5 Python Online Course Training

Python language came into existence in late 1980’s and became the most popular for teaching the computer science courses at US colleges. Python is a high level and object oriented language. It is quite easy to use and includes simple syntax, making it simpler to learn the language for the beginners.

After completing this course, you would be able to:

  • Outline what actually Data Science is  and how Python can help to implement it.
  • Describe each of the stages of the Data Analytics process
  • Explain basic statistical concepts relevant for Data Analytics
  • Install the required Python environment and several other auxiliary tools and libraries
  • Review the important concepts of Python programming used in implement Data Science
  • Demonstrate the use of the most major Python libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, SciPy and Matplotlib to carry out various aspects of the Data Analytics process
  • Employ different tools and methods for performing  web scraping
  • Illustrate Python integration with different Hadoop MapReduce and Spark

Top 5 Python Online Course | Python Training Online

According to several queries and relevant analysis over several courses of python, these are the top listed training institutes of python in India. Also, we can say that these institutes provide good content for beginners as can be said as python programming for beginners, so all the candidates who want to begin learning python can opt for below online python training courses.

1 Cybertron  network solutions(Delhi)

2 Analytics training institute(ATI Bengaluru)

3 Indian Cyber Security solutions(ICSS  Kolkata)

4 GNU  group international (ILG Mumbai)

5 Zilogic systems( Chennai)

CyberTron Network Solutions

If you are in Delhi / NCR and are in need of attending a proper course of python online training this is the place needed for you. Following are few key points about this institute :

  • Both Offline and online training company offering training on latest ongoing trends of  technologies for Engineering students.
  • Provides professional education and reliable consultation through certified teachers and instructors
  • Delivers custom and on-site training for the builded teams across many industry sectors
  • Providing Expert mentorship
  • Provides several types of projects like Microcontroller, RFID, DTMF based, etc.
  • Providences of Placement assistance

 Zilogic Systems

Zilogic Systems is an organisation  which  basically  dedicated to provide design services and training in existing embedded systems. Zilogic’s  training division provides  courses ranging from embedded systems that  are designed  for  Linux kernel device driver development. Please visit  the  training page for more details. Zilogic  provides  various design services related to embedded system software and different  application software development.

Following are few key points about  this institute :-

  • Dedicated Design Services and Training
  • Training Based on real time projects.
  • Training Under Expert’s supervision and certification.

   Why  to Join Analytics Training Institute (ATI Bengaluru)??

  • ATI has been awarded  for  academic  excellence in Big Data and Analytics by KamiKaze B2B Media in the year 2016
  • Provides  courses having lifetime access
  • State-of-the-art computer labs

Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS Kolkata)

The city of  joy , city of Kolkata  consists  of these many courses of python training too.  Out of several python online course in Kolkata, the ICSS provides following key  facilities :-


  • State-of-art computer lab with a very well trained technical staff
  • Various Several Industry ready practical classes from industry professionals
  • Provides life-time access for Hackers Lab
  • 30% scholarship for several  meritorious students (90% in X and XII)

GBM Institute (GBMI, Mumbai)

GBM Institute is the perfect  place for those who are seriously interested in learning  up and are willing to put in some  substantial efforts towards it. They  will help the students to stand over their own learning feet. For some subjects, they provide easy  training through conversations  in Marathi-English mixed medium also.
Career guidance provided are:-

  • Providing Academic association with Chintan Systems Private Limited
  • Well Qualified, experienced and motivating teachers for better advancement .
  • Well-spread timings and sessions.
  • Provides customised learning processes.

How to  get yourself certified through these courses ?

To be awarded with  Data Scientist with Python certification, you will need to fulfil up  both of the following criteria:

  • On the termination of the course, you will have to  work on a real-life project. On successful completion and evaluation of the worked  project by our expert, you will be awarded with  an experience certificate stating about you , that you have worked in a real life project over a period of 3 months.
  • Also on the end of the course, you will have to clear up an online examination with a score of minimum 75%. Marks criteria .

So this was all about the top 5 best online python course institutes in India, providing services to all those who want to learn python language.

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