Top 5 Big Data Analytics Learning Institutes in India

Big Data Hadoop Training in India | Hadoop Training in India: The big data market continues to have the strong momentum as the businesses accelerates their transformation into data-driven companies. This is giving strong growth to big data market, related services, infrastructure and software. A new forecast done by IDC (International Data Corporation) have found that big will have a compound annual growth rate of 23.1% over the 2014-2019 period. with the annual spending of $48.6 billion in 2019. The demand for big data technology is also increasing in different fields or sectors.  As the trend of  data, work is increasing every year through various sources which make it very clear that the demand for big data is going to increase in recent years. Along with Big Data, Hadoop is also a growing trend and will be a core part of  enterprise IT landscape.

As the big data market is growing at such fast rate, so there is huge demand for professional data analysts. But as per the demands, the number of candidates are very few. So this increases the need for the candidates learn about the technology and start their career in the field.

So here we are enlisting some top Big Data Hadoop Courses in India which provide the best training programs for big data and Hadoop for all those who want to start their career in this emerging technology. The institutes steer the learning process and also make sure that the candidates should have required skills and practical knowledge after the course completion.

Top 5 Big Data Analytics Training Institutes in India

The various institutes that have been listed here are listed on the basis of their topics covered in their course, curriculum and the opportunities they provide to the candidate.

  1. Simplilearn:  The course is provided by the Simplilearn. The course is based n the introduction of big data and Hadoop and its ecosystem components. The key features of this course are 3 hours of High-Quality e-learning content, 2 Simulation Exams, Cover basics of MapReduce, Pig, Hive & HBase, Introduces to Sqoop and Zookeeper, Course Completion Certificate, Chapter-end Quizzes. Simplilearn also provides flexible learning solutions for the team also. The team can choose itself from whichever advisors that want to get trained. The course provides a good overview of the technology.

2. BigDataTraining.In :- The big data training is based in various cities, so you can check according to your requirements. This training program trains in a way which an industry requires. The course is best for the IT professionals or anyone who is looking towards building a career in big data and Hadoop are ideal candidates for this big data and Hadoop training. Also, the course is best for

  • Data Management professionals
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Graduates

The course curriculum includes Hadoop v2 yarn, Apache Solr, Apache Storm, 15+ PoC projects and Microsoft HD insights.

3. Blue Ocean Learning: Blue Ocean learning is a division of Blue Ocean global, which is head quartered at Bangalore and have a branch in Coimbatore and Pune, India. Blue Ocean learning is new era niche skills training institute in Pune, Banglore and Coimbatore managed by experienced experts who have decades in I.T industry. The course by Blue Ocen Learning provides a hands-on experience on writing MapReduce program,Sqoop and Flume, common MapReduce algorithms, an overview of Hadoop.

4. Jigsaw Academy: This course is provided by the Jigsaw Academy. The key features of this training program are Instructor-led classes, recordings of instructor-led classes and pre-recorded video lectures. The training is best for all those who want to enter  in big data field and want to build their career in this industry. The topics that will be covered in the course are Hadoop, Sqoop, Pig, HDFS, other big data technologies and MapReduce.

5. iClass Bangalore: The iClass Banglore training centre provides the course in Big Data Analytics with Data Science. The course covers the topics such as data analyst, big data introduction, retail defence, healthcare, and data science. The course also covers the stages of data mining and also the tools for data preparation in brief.

Here I have listed best top 5 training courses India that provides the big data analyst training. You can visit the websites of these training courses as the links are also provided. The course will help you to learn big data skills and become a professional data analyst.

The career growth and salary of a big data analysts is quite fascinating. And as the experience increases the earning increases. So, if you are interested and want to make your career in big data field you can choose from the above top 5 big data learning institutes in India and can learn and start your career.

Also if you have any query regarding the course or anything else you can leave a comment below  we will reply you at the earliest.

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