Top 10 Online Big Data Courses, Training, & Certification

Online Big Data Courses: As we can see from the last few years, the activities over the internet have been increased, so the data is also increasing from the various sources. So here comes a new concept for the data management i.e. Big Data. Big Data management helps to manage the huge amount of data in a systematic way and also helps in better decision making in an organisation. And as the Big Data is demand is increasing so skilled Big data professionals are also in demand which is very less in India. Most of the companies like online marketing, e- commerce, Insurance and FMCG sectors are dealing with the huge volume of data but are unable to manage it due to no data specialist. So here we are going to enlist below some of the best online Big data courses online which will provide you best online training on big data. Theses training programs will help you to start your career in a domain that is full of opportunities.

The main objective, of course, is to make skilled professionals for different big data technologies such as Spark, Cassandra, Apache and much more who can meet the industries criteria to solve the data management issues. The course will provide a detailed knowledge of tools of Big Data so that the professionals can tackle any issue. Also, the course includes real-life industry projects through which the learner will get the hands on experience. So here is the list of 10 online big data analytics courses in which you can enrol to give your career a start.

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Best Online Big Data Analytics Courses, Training & Certification

So here is the list of top 10 big data analytics training in which you can enrol to give your career a start.

1. EMC

EMC is one of the most preferred online big data courses. As stated in EMC Course that “Big data technology has evolved faster than the workforce skills to make sense of it and organisations across sectors must adapt to this new reality or perish”. EMC helps to adapt the rapidly evolving and changing technology environment, making you learn basic as well as advanced big data methods. EMC is not that cheap, its starter kit is worth $600 and full course is available for $5,000. The one of the main advantage of enrolling with EMC is its step by step guiding technique.

2. Coursera

It is Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and is fully free. This course only available online. In Coursera, all the courses are taught in conjunction with most f the leading universities like you can learn Machine learning with Stanford’s Andrew Ng, Data Science with University of Washington, or Statistics with Alison Jefferey University of Toronto. Coursera provides the free resource to all those who are looking for a start into this digital technology. The duration of the course varies between the different programmes. Like Data Science is for 8 weeks, Stipulate is recommended as working hours as per week. Coursera is on one of the best option for all those who are taking their first step towards the big data.

3. Udacity

It is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Udacity big data analytics online training includes a large number of courses that helps learners to increase their skill level. The Udacity helps to introduce students to the course in a unique way starting their introduction with Computer science, Inferential Statistics and Descriptive Statistics and progressing towards more depth. The course is not free but you get a 14-day free trial to evaluate and decide that whether the course is useful to you or not. In Udacity you can learn data science from some of the industry experts such as Facebook, Georgia Tech, Cloudera, MongoDB and much more. The fee criteria Udacity is around $150 will be charged per month for the “Introduction to Computer Science”.

4. MIT Open Courseware

Not just a course, it is an initiative that was taken by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which they started publishing their course material on the web and making them accessible for all who want to learn and explore in this field. This is a useful thing for all those who want try their hand in this field by learning the material of best STEM school. The main features of the course are:

  • Selected Lecture Notes
  • Assignments on various topics
  • Exam

5. CalTech’s Learning from Data

CalTech basically offers an introductory course on machine learning that is free. The course includes video recordings of lectures by Professor Yaser Abu- Moustafa. The course for machine learning covers basic theory and the algorithms that are related to machine and variety of financial, commercial and medical applications. This also provides 8 homework sets and then a final exam which makes the machine learning more helpful.

6. Jigsaw Academy

This is an online school that is based out of India, providing specialisation in Analytics and would be good for students want to join big data certification course online. They provide courses for all the levels like beginner, intermediate and also the advanced level ranging from the overview of the course to the depth of the course. Currently, Jigsaw is offering beginner’s course at a lesser price for students in India and International students.

7. Stanford’s Open Classroom

Stanford Open classroom starts with the tagline: “Full courses. Short Videos. Free for everyone”. The highlighted course in this classroom is machine learning that is devised by Andrew Ng, he is also the founder of Coursera. The course starts from Linear Regression to Naive Bayes algorithms. It is one of the best courses that are available. The course is divided into short videos in which you will learn mostly used and successful machine learning techniques.

The course can be described in following steps:

  • Introduction
  • Linear Regression I
  • Linear Regression II
  • Logistic Regression
  • Regularization
  • Naive Bayes

8. Big Data University

Big Data University offers a big data online training that includes big data and data science ecosystem. It offers real-time analytics, database specific training and 11 various courses on Hadoop, relational management system. The courses offered to all is usually free and self-paced.

9. CodeSchool

Code school offers different types of courses on specific programming languages like Java, R and Github. Some of their courses are free but for some of them, you have to pay. The courses are divided into various levels for the better understanding of course. Code School is one of the best website in this list provided.

10. Udemy

It is a type of massive open online course (MOOC) that is based out if Silicon Valley, having a simple mission of allowing everyone to learn. They have 4 million students, 10 million course enrolment and 10 thousand instructors with them. Udemy has so many instructors including different levels of qualifications, price, quality and experience. So, this is also one of the big data certification course option that students can think of.


So these were the top 10 online big data courses that are available worldwide. As Big Data use is increasing so as its demand for the big data specialists. All these courses provide big data certifications. So start exploring this field of technology as it offers a wide variety of opportunities for all those who see their career in it. You can also go for other course academies you think that are best for you as we are not saying that these 10 are the only one. Not only IT Professionals but a newbie can also benefit from these training programs. You might need to work hard but at last, it will pay off if you truly want to pursue it as a career. So start today with one of these big data courses that you can easily join online.



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