Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions

Big Data Interview Questions: As predicted earlier by some the great data experts that there will be millions of jobs created in the Big Data field, which has become true now There is huge demand of Big Data skilled professionals across all the sectors. Due to this demand, there is an urge for the candidates who want to pursue their career in this field to be big data and Hadoop certified and also to make themselves ready for the big data job interviews. Big Data is a sort of technical field which requires both technical as well as practical knowledge.

So, here we have prepared top 10 big data interview questions for freshers for all of you. These questions will help you to prepare for the interviews and to crack the interviews easily.

Big Data Interview Questions and Answers

Below are the top 10 big data questions that interviewer asks in interviews.

  1. What is Big Data

Big Data is a huge amount of data which collected  is collected from various sources such as facebook, twitter, offices, hospitals and many other placed that deals with human beings. These data can be in 3 forms structured, unstructured and semistructured. This huge amount of data is collected and then analysed to gather useful results for the benefits of an organisation.

2. What is Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source project that is purely based on the java framework. This open source project is mainly used for storing and then further processing of a large amount of data I,e unstructured and structured,in distributed computing environment. It is designed such that to scale up from a single server to thousands of servers, which should have the degree of fault tolerance.

3. How should Hadoop solve the big data problems?
First, what we need to figure out is the challenges in big data.
Bigdata can be structured, unstructured as well as semi-structured data.Traditional data storage devices are not able to cope with storing billions of rows of data. So for storing that give amount of data Hadoop is used as a tool of big data.

4. What is the difference between structured data and unstructured data?
Structured data: It can be defined as the data that is well formed that have labels, and by using that labels these type of data can be processed(example databases,excel sheet etc). The processing of these type of data is less complicated.
UnStructured data: It can be described as the data which is not in any specified format and is in random order. Also these type of doesn’t have labels such as images,videos,weblogs,etc.

5. What is HDFS?
HDFS is a filesystem that is particularly used in Hadoop based distributed filesystem. As we have already told you that Hadoop is an open-source distributed computing framework which is provided by Apache. Various network stations use it to create the systems such as Amazon, Facebook. The core components of Hadoop areMapreduce and HDFS. HDFS filesystem is specifically designed for storing the large files with streaming data access,running on commodity hardware.

6. What is the default block size in hdfs?
The default block size in HDFS is 64mb.We can also configure the block size i,e to set the block size.

7. What are the characteristics of Bigdata?

The big data has 3 characteristics as defined below:

Volume: Volume can be referred as the huge amount of data that is collected from various sourced such as organisations, social networks etc. This data can be in 3 forms as described above structured, unstructured and semi-structured. This huge amount of data is stored using Hadoop and then processed and analysed to get the results.
Velocity: Velocity refers to the speed of data at which it is increasing. As we can see we all are surrounded by data. We all use smartphones and an individual creates a very large amount of data in a single day. So everyday million of data is being generated which needs proper storage and processing facility.
Variety: Variety of data refers to the different types of data that are accumulated from the web. The data can be in the form of text documents, emails, audio, stock ticker data, videos and financial transactions. And it becomes complex to deal with the different types of data.
8. What is MapReduce?
MapReduce is also a core part of Hadoop and can be said as the processing model in Hadoop,that can easily process any type of data i,e structured and unstructured data. It mainly works in the master and slave strategy . It splits data into different parts ad then processes it further.

9. What are the related projects of a hadoop ecosystem?

The related projects of the Hadoop ecosystem are:

10. What are the industry applications of big data?

Almost every industry have incorporated big data for their work. Some are still figuring out its advantages and will soon work with big data. So below are some of the industries in which big data is playing major role:

Big data in Healthcare industry
Big data in banking
Big data in Retail
Big data in Education sector
Big data in Insurance
Big data in banking and securities
Big data in communication, media and entertainment
Big data in natural resources and manufacturing
Big data in Transportation
Big data in Energy and Utilities

So these are the sectors in which big data has entered. To know more about the big data applications in industries you can also follow the link.

So these were the top 10 important and basic big data Hadoop interview questions that a candidate must know while going for the interviews. You can also learn top 20 Hadoop interview questions  from here. So prepare well and we will be back with some more questions.

If you found anything wrong or have any query then leave a comment below we will try to solve query as soon as possible.

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