SAS Tutorial : Introduction to SAS

SAS for beginners: SAS is  a programming language that is widely used by the professional programmers, data scientists and others. SAS is in huge demand in the market to get a highly reputed job in programming field and many other fields. So this requires a proper knowledge of the language. So here we have SAS programming tutorial for all the candidates who want learn SAS programming. The tutorial consists of basic as well advanced concepts of SAS programming. The tutorial is in pdf form, so you can also download the SAS tutorial by the download button given below the tutorial. So let’s learn about SAS.

Introduction to SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)

SAS abbreviation stands for Statistical Analysis Software. SAS language was created  in the year 1960 by SAS Institute. At first, SAS was utilised for the data management, Prescriptive Analysis, Predictive Analysis and Business Intelligence.

Then with the JMP(Jump) introduction for the statistics, SAS also took the advantage of GUI(Graphical User Interface) that was introduced by Macintosh.The Jump was utilised for the applications such as Six Sigma, engineering and scientific analysis and quality control.

Using SAS has an advantage that it is platform independent that means you can easily run SAS on any of the operating system. Over the years due to many advancements in SAS, it is now used for Data Governance, Big Data Analytics, Health Science, Data Quality and Fraud Management.

Uses of SAS 

With the SAS language, the following tasks/ operations can be performed easily.

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Business Planning
  • Data Updating and modification
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Operation Research & Project Management

Note: There are more than 200 components that are present in SAS.

Types of SAS Software

There is various SAS software available for the usage. But most;y Window SAS is utilised in the organisations and training institutes. Some of the organisations also make use of Linux but it doesn’t contain GUI that make work quite lengthier.

  • Window SAS
  • SAS EG (Enterprise Guide)
  • SAS Stats
  • SAS EM (Enterprise Miner)
  • SAS Means

So this was a brief of SAS basics, the SAS tutorial consists of a brief introduction of the aspects of SAS programming so you can read as well as download sas tutorial pdf from below

SAS Programming Tutorial pdf

Career Requirements to become an SAS Programmer

Apart from the learning, here we will tell you about the degree, certifications and requirements that a candidate need to fulfil to become an SAS programmer and get a good job.

Degree Level Bachelor’s degree is must then also master’s degree is preferred by the organisations while giving the jobs.
Degree Field(s) Statistics, computer science, or other related fields
Experience The experience that a reputed organisation prefer while hiring is 3-5 years
Certification Voluntary SAS programming certification
Key Skills Proficiency utilising SAS Proc SQL, SAS Macro, Unix, Linux, and other SAS programs; familiarity with the web application tools, Windows programs. Should have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills also advanced mathematical abilities
Salary (2014) $77,550 (Median annual salary for all computer programmers). The salary varies from year to year and according to  the experience level of the candidates.

To get an SAS programming job, SAS certification is a must that a candidate should have. The certification adds an important value to your portfolio. So if you really want to learn SAS and want to enrol in any of the SAS programming course online/offline then you can get all the information from the link given.

It will not be wrong to say SAS is a leader in the business analytics. f you want to go I business analytics field then you must have the knowledge of SAS. SAS has the capability that it transforms the data into insights that give it a new perspective on business. Unline other tools that re available in the market, SSA takes an advantage and leads to an extensive programming approach to data transformation and data analysis. This makes SAS different from all other tools.

The tutorial above provides you with an insight of SAS, programming in SAS and some other components. And this will be useful for all those who want to be a data analyst or Data Scientist. So start learning SAS today and give your career a new visio. Also, if you have any query regarding the tutorial or post you can reply in the comment box, we will reply to you at the earliest.




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