R Tutorial pdf for Beginners and Advanced Learners

R Tutorial, R language Tutorial pdf: R is a programming language and also an environment that is usually used in statistical computing, scientific research and data analytics. The language is most popular between the data analysts, researchers, statisticians and marketers to retrieve, clean, analyse and visualise the data. R programming language is popular due to its expressive syntax and easy to use interface. R is a free and an open source language. Nowdays it has become one of the most important tools for the data scientists/ analysts due to its evolving user community and a whole host of packages available for all.

So today we are going to provide you with R language tutorial. So all the R learners can learn the language from the provided tutorial. You can also download the tutorial from the download button given. Also, R explanation is provided below that will also be helpful for you to learn.

Download pdf : R Programming Tutorial

Here are going discuss the R evolution, features, and much more also the R programming language tutorial pdf is available below to download.

Evolution of R

R language was initially written by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the department of Statistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. R language, was first appeared in the year 1993. At that time a large group has contributed to the R language by sending the codes and bug reports. And since mid-1997, there was a core group who all can modify the R source code.

Features of R

Some os the important features of R language are listed below:

  • R has data handling as well as storage facilities in it.
  • R is a simple, well developed and also an effective programing language that includes conditionals, loops etc.
  • R also provides a suite of operators for the calculation of matrices, arrays, lists and vectors.
  • R has graphical facilities for the data analysis and display. It can be displayed either directly at the computer or printing on the papers.

The term environment with “R” is used to characterise it as a fully planned and coherent system, as in other data analysis software there is an incremental accretion of specific and inflexible tools.

R Programming Language Tutorial pdf

To download the R programming language tutorial pdf you can click on the download button provided.

R tutorial for Beginners

R tutorial for Advanced Learners

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Just like “S” language R is also designed around the true computer language and also allows to add the traditional functionality by defining other new functions. More systems are itself written in R dialect of S that makes it easier for users to follow algorithmic choices made.

For the computationally-intensive tasks, C++, Fortan and C codes can be linked and called at the run time. Also, there is a privilege that advance users can write the C code to manipulate R objects directly.

Now we are going to tell you some of the mind blowing facts about the R programming language. Do read it carefully.

  • R is one of the highest paid It skill. The report is from a survey done by Dice.com in the year 2014. So this could be the main reason for the popularity of the language among everyone.
  • After SQL, the next data science language that is preferred is R. As Data Science is an emerging field and have lots of opportunities within it. So all those who want to be a data scientist have to master R language. If you wat to know about who is a data scientists and life of a data scientist then you can also read from this link.
  • R is most popular among the data miners. As 70% of data, miners use R language.
  • R is growing much faster than any other data science programming language.
  • Now this is huge, R has more than 2 million of users all over the world.

All these facts about the R language are based on the different surveys done by the different companies and websites and the data changes every year. But still. R is the most preferred language by most of the data scientists and programmers.

So this was all about the R tutorial as well as advanced learners. You can also download the tutorial pdf from the above link provided. If you have any query or suggestions regarding the post or anything else do let us know in comments.


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