Best Python Programming Books

Python Programming, Python Programming Books: Python is one of the most preferred languages for programming. If you are reading this post then you are also one of them who wants to learn python programming and […]

Top 10 Best Books on Data Science

books on data science, best data science books

Data Analytics Books: In this world of terabytes and petabytes of information/ data around which we are covered up, we all forgetting about the “Books”. As nowadays all the information is practically available on the […]

Hadoop Architecture and Components

what is apache hadoop

Hadoop Architecture, What is Hadoop Technology: As of now, we have learnt so much about Big Data and its adjacent technologies. But there is also need to learn a big data technology i.e Hadoop. Hadoop […]

Life of Data Analyst | Role of Data Analyst

role of a data analyst, data analyst job description

Data Analyst, it will be right if we will that it is the dream job that a person wants in his/her life. But what is so different in this. So let’s figure out today what […]

Top Open Source Big Data Analytics Tools

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Big Data Tools List: We have learned so much about the big data so far. Today we are going to address big data analytics¬†tools, technologies, and techniques. In the market, there are thousands of big […]

Big Data Engineer Salary

big data analytics salary in india, big data jobs salary

Data Analyst Salary, Big Data Scientist Salary: Big Data is trending nowadays , all of you are aware of this fact. The companies and organisations are looking for the skilled big data professionals but there […]

Big Data Analytics Training and Placement

big data training and placement, big data placement

Big Data Training and Placement: Hello everyone, till now you all know about big data analytics, its importance, applications and some of the challenges too. So now you know that how important it is for […]

Big Data Tutorial pdf Download

Big Data Tutorial pdf, Big Data Analytics pdf: Hello everyone, today we are going to give you a brief about big data in a very simpler way and also below is the big data tutorial […]

Future of Big Data in Education | Big Data in Education

big data in education, big data analytics in education

Big Data in Education, Data Analytics in education sector: With such huge growth of the internet in the recent years, multimedia, IoT, mobile technologies and many other related technologies the data over the internet has […]

Best 5 books to learn Python Programming

best python programming book, best book to learn python

Best book to learn Python, Python books for beginners: In our previous post, we have addressed best books for the big data and Hadoop technology, which are the most trending technology. So in this post, […]