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Data Analyst, it will be right if we will that it is the dream job that a person wants in his/her life. But what is so different in this. So let’s figure out today what are the job roles of data analyst, job description

If you are looking a career change but with a guaranteed hefty salary and copious benefits, then this is the job for you. But hold on, this job also requires a set of skills that one must own to get all these benefits. Big Data career is not an obvious career choice but it could be the best choice. As the  number of companies that are using big data is increasing day by day. And this increases the demand for qualified skilled data analysts, also said as data scientists who know how to manage a huge amount of data, analyse it and make a report of the insights.

This is one of the most sought after position and it can be your dream job that you want to pursue as a career. So due to the imbalance in the market between the demand and supply of the data analysts, so there is huge gap which the candidates can fill. I today’s market each organisation hire data analysts so you can find jobs here easily but with a proper skill set.

So here we are going to describe a life of a data analyst, their roles, responsibilities, salary, skills, qualifications. So look for it as a career and move ahead with this opportunity.

 Who is a Data Analyst?

Here you will get to know what tasks are performed by a data analyst. The main task of a data analyst is to collect, manipulate and analyse data and then make reports of the insights of these data analysed. The reports can be in the form of graphs, charts and dashboards.

Data analysts have the responsibility to guard the organisation’s data/information.They perform these tasks in a systematic and in a technical manner. And also there are some more tasks that a data analyst needs to perform that varies from organisation to organisation.

Skills and Data Analyst Job Description

Job Skills and Requirements in a Data Analyst

A data analyst has to acquire following skills so who all interested to be a data analyst can go through the data analysis job description.

Technical Skills

  • Statistical packages and Methods (SPSS)
  • Database Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization and reporting techniques
  • Programming (XML etc)
  • SQL database and other database query languages
  • Data mining
  • Knowledge of MapReduce and Hadoop
  • SAS and R language

Business Skills

  • Effective Communication: A data analyst must have good communication skills as he/she have to make presentations and reports and then have to explain it.
  • Analytical Problem Solving: A data analyst must possess analytical skills to analyse data effectively.
  • Industry Knowledge: Understanding the requirement of industry and how data can fulfil it.

Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

The responsibilities and role of data analyst depends on the level of their expertise, according to that responsibilities are given to them:

  1. To works with the IT teams, management and also other data scientists to analyse the goals of the organisation.
  2. To mine the articles from various sources
  3. Design, create and maintain the relational databases.
  4. To analyse and interpret the results using the statistical tools and techniques
  5. To find new opportunities for the organisation

Data Analytics Qualification Requirement

A data analyst or can also be referred as data scientist need to have a bachelor’s degree in information management, maths, economics / finance and statistical computer science.

And to be in a higher position of data scientist, a candidate need to have master’s degree. Also, various data analytics certification are required by the organisations.

Salary of a Data Analyst and Senior Data Analyst

The data analyst salary depends on the job responsibilities given to a data analyst. A senior data analyst will have a higher salary than an entry level data analyst. So salary amount changes according to job responsibilities and position. So below are the numbers reported by the various websites.

Salary of an Entry Level Data Analyst

Robert Half Technology 2015 Salary Guide
Average Salary (2014): $67,750 – $101,000
Average Salary (2015): $70,750 – $108,250

Average Salary (2015): $62,379 per year
Minimum: $45,000
Maximum: $90,000

Median Salary (2015): $52,980 per year
Total Pay Range: $34,802 – $79,927

Salary of a Senior Data Analyst

Average Salary (2015): $78,041 per year
Minimum: $65,000
Maximum: $107,000

Median Salary (2015): $72,041 per year
Total Pay Range: $51,172 – $102,923

Also, there are some more jobs that are similar to data analyst who all can be referred as:

  • Data/ Big Data Engineer
  • Data/ Big Data Architect
  • Hadoop Developer

So this was all about a data analyst or data scientist, salary, job responsibilities, skills and qualifications. So if you really interested in this career start it today and fulfil all the above-listed requirements. Above listed requirements can also change according to companies requirements and market research.

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