Introduction to R studio

This is going to be a series of introductory sessions on R, before we dwell deep into R programming. Let’s understand what R is :

R is an open source statistical programming language – in wide use these days across organizations as unlike SAS it is free and can perform all sort of analytics(supervised and unsupervised algorithms) without having to buy seperate software suites(as in the case of SAS – Base SAS, Enterprise Miner etc). It is one of the most popular statistical programming language.

This webpage gives you more detailed info about what R is all about. Please download base R from here, R studio an interactive version for R programming can only be downloaded once base R is installed from here

In today’s post, we will discuss absolute basics of R studio and how to navigate between different sections of R studio interface and gain familiarity with it

Above link should help understand the basics clearly, in case there is a need for further clarification – do reach out to us using comment box


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