How to become a Data Scientist

Want to be a Data Scientist? Then you will get all the answers here of the question how to become a data scientists.

Hello friends, today I am going to describe all the important points related to the data science. The CEO and the co-founder of  Springboard believe that the “Data is new oil”. This emphasises that there is a huge amount of demand for the data scientists and this demand has increased most in the recent years. And for the data science job you don’t need a PhD. What you need is your dedication towards learning data science and proper theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the skills to enter in the field of data science. Next, we are going to tell you why there is a huge demand for data scientists in the market these days.

Introduction to Data Science and Data Scientist

You will be thinking that what does it mean by data is the new oil and why is it so? So let’s answer your this query in this paragraph. According to the various surveys and reports did so far, it is found that the world is producing a huge amount data every day and it is increasing day by day. Now there is a need to manage this data efficiently for which Big data and its tools are used. The second most important thing about data creation is the strategy or the methods used by the organisations/ companies to transform these data into valuable information. So here is the data science and analytics work begins? Data scientists can the ability to extract the useful information from the huge of the amount for the benefits of the company they are working with.

Skills required to become a successful data scientist

Now I am going t tell about some of the most important data science skills that a candidate needs to acquire  to become a successful data scientist.

  • Basic Tools: There are some of the basic tools that you must know like R, Python, SQL- database querying language. It doesn’t matter in which company you are interviewing for, you will get the questions based on these tools. So you must be prepared with this basic knowledge.


  • Basic Statistics: A data scientist must have a basic knowledge of statistics. Also in qualification to be a data scientists statistics is also included as a subject. Understanding of statistics plays a major role for the candidates aspiring to join this field. A candidate must be prepared with the distributions, statistical tests and maximum likelihood estimators. Statistics is mostly utilised in the data-driven companies.


  • Machine Learning: You need to be familiar with the machine learning concepts if you are working with large companies that have a large amount of data or in a company in which product is itself data driven. Most of the techniques in machine learning can also be implemented using R or python libraries. So due to which, this becomes important for you to learn the basic tools. The most important point is to decide what tool you have to use to provide maximum output with less  complexity and hard work.


  • Data Visualization and Communication: Another data science tool which is important is visualisation and communication. It is mostly important for those companies which are new and are making decisions on the data they get. So these types of companies mostly rely on data scientists to help them make better decisions for the growth of the company.


  • Thinking Like a Data Scientist: Organisations usually prefers candidates who are a problem solver (data driven). So a candidate should make his/her mindset as well as thinking skills tat whatever problem you get you will ultimately solve doesn’t matter how big the problem. So data scientist need to be a good analyser to analyse the huge amount of data carefully and make out results from that analysis.


So these were the 5 skills that a candidate need to acquire to enter in data science analytics field. Some other skills are also which a candidate should learn such as software engineering, data munging and multivariable calculus and Linear Algebra. acquire above skill sets to get jobs in data science field and yes this also one of the hottest job that one can work into. Also if you want to have some other information regarding Qualifications of a data scientist or how to learn data scientists from books then you can learn through the provided link. So start it by today, as you already late.

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