How big data analytics tools can help your organization

High-performance analytics of data caters to important business operations in the right way. For instance, you can take important decisions with timely insights about fleeting opportunities, get quick answers to time-consuming problems and discover new opportunities by using your IT resources in a better way.

What do big data and analytics tools mean?

Basically, analytics tools are advanced software products that allow predictive and prescriptive models to run on different frameworks and NoSQL databases. Be it social media posts, weather data or traffic data, these tools efficiently work on bulk data and provide insights to take business decisions. Businesses can mine big data content in a short time as compared to traditional methods. Thanks to this, businesses are constantly on the lookout for people who have taken Hadoop training and can navigate around the Big Data framework by using Hadoop and Spark.

Analytics tools act as the framework that allows the using of data mining techniques to examine data, find patterns, suggest analytical models for discovered patterns and then deploying these analytical models within the operational applications, which will raise the overall performance to deliver a significant business value. For example, analytics tools streamline the analysis of large amounts of shipping data, high traffic data, and vendor performance and suggest a model for right selection of shipping contractors within particular regions that will delimit the risks of hampered goods and late delivery.

Big data analytics tools work on every type of data like structured data with defined fields like transactional data and unstructured data like text files and social media posts. Simply it’s a better way to analyze data within small time.

According to Big Data Use Cases 2015-Getting real on data monetization, BARC published that worldwide 40% of companies use big data analytics tool and are reaping many benefits from it.

Outpace your competitors

Data and analytics are the part of modern workplace and technology have increased their accessibility, making the most of them. As businesses have got a way to get the deeper insight of data, organizations can secure their interests while taking real-time decisions and solving problems in advance.

Big data is gaining traction as companies use it to leverage ahead and outperform competitors. Bain & Company is a consulting firm which did the survey on more than 400 established business firms and found that organizations can pull ahead of industry peers because of their advanced analytics capabilities. The companies take five times faster decisions than their market peers and are likely to be two times their industry’s top quartile of financial performance.

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analysis, a company can predict probabilities and trends in their industry. It begins from the aggregation of historical datasets from different sources and uses them in analyzing and predicting. The gigabytes of data that companies collect is completely customer oriented like what they have bought; Which products have got more clicks, the quantity of purchasing, how long a customer has stayed on a website page or even whom they contact on social media.

There might seem no connection as every customer has a different way of interacting, buying and paying the vendor, but the proper mining of this information is useful in predicting the types of products and services that customers look for, and more so, over the correct digital channel.

Top companies like Amazon and Netflix are providing state of the art services by mastering this art. For example, Amazon provides suggestions of books that customers might be interested in and the same feature that Netflix provides on their streaming platform. These features surprisingly match with customer’s choice and all thanks to big data and predictive analytics which has changed the outlook of data analytics.

Big data augmentation replaces management

Big data has opened up the possible domains of application for algorithms and machine-mediated analysis. The examination of sensor data that algorithms receive from production lines allows developing of self-regulating processes that eliminate waste and saves from costly human disruptions thus bringing more output. To the advanced level,“digital” oil fields, data analysis on pipelines, wellhead conditions and mechanical systems ease the process of working and guides about the necessary steps to take to solve any potential issue. Computer clusters examine that information and share the results with real-time operations centers that manage the production of oil flows and revive suspended activities.

From copiers to jet engines, products can raise data streams that record their usage. Builders can scrutinize all the incoming data and, sometimes, automatically solve software errors or send representatives for repairing. Even data gathering and analyzing by vendors helps to plan preemptive repairs before blunders interrupt customers operations.Implementation of product changes is another important usage data usage to provide customer-use inputs that inform next-generation offerings.

The result is higher security, risk management, and the ability to unveil insights that otherwise stayed out of sight. With major fall in the prices of sensors, communications devices, and analytic software, more and more companies are participating in the managerial revolution.

Bottom line:

Data delivering business value is not a new idea, but its efficient use has become the competition base. Real-time, smarter and practical decisions require comprehensive data analysis and big data analytics tools allow you to do the same. The businesses that are leading the change have deployed big data for both off and on premises, including structured and unstructured data, to foster their organizational data and provide the grounds for statistical and predictive but forward-looking insights. Data analytics has fundamentally changed the way businesses compete, and Big Data has made it possible.



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