Future of Big Data in Education | Big Data in Education

Big Data in Education, Data Analytics in education sector: With such huge growth of the internet in the recent years, multimedia, IoT, mobile technologies and many other related technologies the data over the internet has also increased in various forms. According to a report McKinsey Global Institute have estimates the amount of data to be increased by 40%. And this is just an estimation. Big data can be termed as the data which so huge that a normal software tool is unable to capture, store, manage and analyse it efficiently. Big data can be analysed through its 3 Vs.

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity

Opportunities and Challenges in Big Data and Education Sector


These are the 3Vs of big data which defines it more accurately. But this also brings a lot of challenges. Now talking about the big data in education and learning sector. Education sector faces more challenges than any other sector due to lack of data-driven mindset. Big will play a very important role in guiding the education reforms, assisting teachers to provide a better learning, also will help institutes to develop their business and grow it. Each and every sector is facing some of the challenges, here we are going to enlist some challenges and development trends for the big data in education sector that can be detected for the coming years. Also the various role of big data in education.

  • One of the biggest challenges for the big data in the education industry is to firstly generate a data-informed mind sets and also to ensure that it should manage carefully and effectively and should to the reach end users. The use of big data in education sector requires a new approach, tools, skills to successfully complete the promise of the analytics and BI. For the institution, they need to ensure the use of big data at all the levels and also need to structure their workflow in that manner.
  • Rather than challenges, there is an opportunity for the big data in learning that is to using big data information can be integrated from multiple information sources. This will help institutions in scientific research, administrative data, library resources and also the information that is collected through LMS platforms to help to learn institutes make better and smart decisions that will actually lead to the real success i.e recruitments, management, international market etc.
  • One more advantage is a shift from the data collecting to data connecting. It means the using big data unstructured and structured could be connected to identify, analyse and leverage real learning patterns that will lead in advantage for the students.
  • Big data will also provide a new way to analyse, manage and use the real-time student data. The contextual and the real-time information can be used  to provide the real-time intelligence about the students and also the connected learning atmosphere and will contribute to the open-ended and  student directed learning.

Some more Benefits and Opportunities

  • Big data in education sector will be cost effective
  • Huge amount of data/ information will be available
  • Proper analysis of the data related to education
  • The educational outcomes will get improved
  • It will help to learn analytics and data mining
  • Transformation in learning process
  • The innovations in teaching
  • Upgradation in skills

Big Data Analytics in Education

Other than all these listed points, there are so many opportunities of big data in the education sector which will ultimately help in transforming learning process. Also learning analytics as well as data mining is included in the curriculum. There are also so many advantages of online courses as it provides a personalised experience to the learners, flexibility and creates different communities to practice.

Talking about particularly about the big data scenario in Indian education system then right now it’s not so mature to use the power of big data and also it is very hard to say that when it will be adopted by the institutions. This is the need of the hour now to analyse the volume of big data that is captured and the use it for the data planning in education reforms.

Big Data can also be utilised to play a very vital role in the two main domains academics and sports performances of students and also the performances of teachers over a particular period of time. The big data tools can be used to analyse the skills of a particular student. The tool will help teachers to analyse the performance of a student on a particular assignment that is assigned to him/her.

The data is when analysed very carefully and deeply then it can provide very useful information.

Teacher Quality = Student achievement

 Challenges to Big Data

As big data will be proved revolutionary for the education sector but it will also have to face many challenges. As according to us the first challenge would be to determine the criteria that who all can have the access to the learner’s data and for this, a way must be find out to grow and expand the Massive Online Open Courses al over the world via shared cloud resources. The prime concern in big data in the education sector is security.

So it is proved that big data can be very useful for the education industry when it is deeply analysed and validated. The overall educational reform can benefit from it teachers, students, staff and management. Now it only needs to be applied and used.

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