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Data Analyst Salary, Big Data Scientist Salary: Big Data is trending nowadays , all of you are aware of this fact. The companies and organisations are looking for the skilled big data professionals but there is a shortage of skilled professionals. That is the reason in our most of the articles we have provided you list of best big data learning institutes. Now the next question which every candidate faces who want to make career in big data is what is the salary of big data professionals. As one of the main reason we work nowadays is salary. So today we are going address your this query of big data salary and will answer all your queries.

There is constant salary in any profession, Salary varies with various aspects such as experience, skills, time. For an entry level worker, the base salary rises every quarter. So below we are going to discuss the big data job roles offered to candidates and salary packages.

Big Data Engineer Salary in India | Big Data Jobs Salary

  • With changing trend and growth in big data, there is a regular rise in basic salary of a big data analytics professional. The average salary that a professional data analyst can expect is 4 lakhs/annum.
  • If we talk about this year then there is hike of 21% in average salary of big data analytics professional
  • And day by day the opportunities and jobs in this field are increasing.

Data Analytics salary in India | Salary Across Cities

The salary also varies from city to city. As the person working in a metropolitan city will have more salary than a candidate working in a less developed city that doesn’t have large industries. So below are some of the cities that provide larger salaries than any other.

  • In this Mumbai bags the top position. If we consider the trend then the average salary of 12.19lakh/annum is paid and it is slightly more what Bangalore offers.
  • Banglore is on the second position with the average salary of 10.48 lakhs/annum. Delhi and NCR are also in the same queue with the average salary of 10.4 lakhs/annum.
  • Pune is on the 4th position with the average salary of 9.81 lakhs/ annum, and Chennai paying9.45 lakh/annum and is on the 6th position.
  • Hyderabad is on 6th with the salary package of 9.42 lakhs/annum.
  • The average salary varies every year and it increases every year with the approx hike of 10%.

big data analytics salary in India, Big data engineer salary

So you are nearby Mumbai or any of these cities then you must search for the big data related jobs.


Salary hikes on Experience Level

  • An Analyst with experience of 0-3 years to Senior Analyst with experience of 4-6 years can expect 75% of average hike in salary. And from Senior Analyst to Assistant Manager with experience of 7-9 years, is almost 57%.
  • According to the reports, an analytics professional with 12 years of experience can expect 15 lakhs of salary per annum.

big data jobs salary

Salary Packages based on Industries

  1. E-commerce is on the top with highest paying a salary of around 12.9 lakhs/annum.
  2. At the second comes, Retail/ FMGG with a salary package of 10 lakhs/ annum.

big data engineer salary

Why choose Big Data as a Career

Today Big Data is the hottest topic. As we have already told you about the salary packages that are offered to a big data professional. But if you are still confused then read the below points and you mind will be very clear.

  • Huge Market Demand of  Big Data Professionals

There is a huge demand for big data analysts in the market but as per the demand, candidates are not available. So it is great opportunity for all of you to make a career in big data with lots of jobs opportunities.

  • Salary Hikes

The main aim of doing the job is salary. So in this career, you have lots of opportunities for salary hikes according to your position, experience and skills. So once you acquire a good set of skills in Big Data then you don’t need to worry for your salary increment.

And further in future the big data and analytics sector is going to see robust hiring with the best salary packages from the startups as well as established firms. Not only established firms but startups are willing to pay 10.8lakhs/ annum of a package to the students to get the best talent.

One more report says, if a candidate complete 5 years in this industry then he/she can surely expect a good salary hike that no another field provides. So this is the time when you can be a part of the industry, as today we are standing at an inflexion point, and after this point, data science and analytics will be an integral part.

So this is the right time to start, so don’t wait for a second more and take a step forward towards a better career opportunity.


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