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Learn Data Analytics: Data Science, as we have already told you all about data science qualifications required to be a data scientist, data scientist salary, jobs and much more. But for all this what a candidate needs to do. Today we are going to address this question. Data Science is a very vast field and requires proper skillset to get a job. So a candidate needs to have proper certification in data science field. Also to reach the top of the field then you need to have data scientist certification. For the certifications, you need to enrol in data science courses. There are various training centres that provide data science training online as well as offline. Each candidate who wants to get training in data science can enrol themselves in these training programs according to their needs.

So below we are going to enlist top 5 online data analytics courses . The list is according to the reviews of the candidates. So the list can be changed according to the reviews and courses.

Top 5 Online Data Science Certification

Here I have listed best 5 data analytics courses online. All the candidate’s beginners or professionals can enrol in the courses according to their requirements.

Best Data Science Training Online

  1. Coursera

Coursera is an education platform that partners with the best universities and organisations all over the world to provide online courses to all the candidates. On of the best feature about this course is that you can learn according to our time schedule. The course features include video lectures, interactive quizzes, peer graded assessments and also students can connect with the fellow learners and instructors. After course completion, you will get the course certification.

According to the course, online learning plays a very significant role than offline courses as stated on their website.

2. Udacity Data Science Online Course

The course covers the data science introduction and other topics such as  Data manipulation, data analysis with statistics and machine learning, data communication with information visualisation and data at scale: working with big data.  The course is free of cost and duration of the course is 2 months. The course includes other features such as rich learning content, interactive quizzes, self-paced learning and student support community.

3. Jigsaw Academy: Data Science Certification

The course promises specialisation to become a data scientist. The course helps to acquire the skill set by learning data science with the leading analytical tools such as SAS, R, Python, SQL. The course is for all whether you are a graduate, professional or an analyst. The course is with various languages as mentioned above with different prices. The key features of this course are instructor led classes, pre-recorded video lectures and faculty support.

4. Edureka Data Science Online Training

The course covers the data science life cycle including Data Acquisition and Data Storage using R-Hadoop concepts and applying modelling through R programming using Machine learning algorithms. The course objective is gain insight into roles played by a data scientist, analyse big data using R, Hadoop and Machine learning, Understanding Data AnalysisLife cycle and much more. The case studies are also included in the courses. At the end of the training, programcandidates will have to work on the real-time projects. Once you will complete the project a certificate will be awarded according to the performance.

5. Simplilearn: Data Science Certification Training

The course is provided by the Simplilearn. The key features if the course is 32 hours of Instructor Led Training, 24 hours of High-Quality e-learning, 20 hours of real-life industry projects, R Cloud labs for hassle free project execution, Experience certificate and R certification and Free Business Analytics with Excel course.  The Data Science with R training has been designed to prepare the candidates in the analytics space. As R is the mostly used programming language in data science and analytics. After the course to get the certification candidates need to complete one project and online exam.  For more about the course, you can visit the website for students reviews.

So this was all about the Data Analytics Online course. You can choose from te above list according to your requirements. Also if we have missed any top training centre then let us know in the comments. Also to learn data science from the best books you can learn it from here.

So start your career with data science today.



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