Best 5 books to learn Python Programming

Best book to learn Python, Python books for beginners: In our previous post, we have addressed best books for the big data and Hadoop technology, which are the most trending technology. So in this post, you will get a list of books that are for python learners. As reading book cannot be replaced by any other thing, as the exposure and learning books provide us, we cannot get it anywhere else. Also why it is important to learn python or any other language or big data/ Hadoop because the world is moving towards being digital. So it has become a necessity for all of us to adapt ourself in this new way of working.

Python is one of the computer programming languages that is most important for the programmers and the students related to it. There are so many types of programming languages one can learn. But python is at the top of the list. Python is most beneficial as well as the famous programming language that is so interactive and extensible in nature. Python makes work more efficient and quick so most of the giant corporations make use of it, so it is very necessary to learn it who all want to start their career in this industry. So here we are going to list down some best books on python that will you to learn python.

Best Books for Learning Python Language

In this article, I have listed down some of the best python programming book that a beginner can start with to learn the python language.

List of books to learn Python

  1. Learning Python (5th Edition)

The writer of the book is Mark Lutz. The books gives a brief learning of basics of python programming. The book is made for the beginners to get an insight into the programming with python. The readers can gain a depth knowledge with this book. So this is an ideal book whether you are the beginner or a professional programmer developer.

2. Python Cookbook (3rd Edition)

The authors of the book are David Beazley and Brian K. Jones. The book helps students in writing programs in Python. The book covers the important areas of the Python language and also introduces the reader to the techniques which have a huge scope that includes simple string concentration. The book has the chapters which are based extensively on iteration techniques. It provides a practical approach. All those students who want to have good command over python should read this book.

3. Python for Data Analysis

The author of the book is Wes Mckinney.  The book is wholely concerned with the nuts and bolts of manipulating, processing, cleaning and crunching the data in Python. The book also inherits the modern introduction to the scientific computing in Python. The book provides a better knowledge of the tools.  It helps to understand and analyse the data in move easy and effective way.

4. Python Programming: An introduction to the Computer Science.

The author of the book is John Zelle. The book provides a perfect introduction of the Computer Science Branch. The book is updated version and a second edition of the Python book. The book is basically designed to be used at the college level. It provides a traditional approach, design, problem-solving design. The book provides the fundamental concepts of the computer science. The book is popular for its explanation and clarity that a user can have while reading.

5.  Python in a Nutshell

The author of the book is Alex Martelli. The book offers python programmers at one place to look when they need help remembering the syntax of the open source language. The book is useful when you need to have most frequently needed information.  The book is good for all those who have strong basics of python. If someone wants to learn to code then this book is best one.

Python is the famous programming language. So from the above list, you can start learning python language and add it to your skill set and through books this is the best way to learn python. Also if want to know some more books or if you know some more books for python then you can share it in comments.

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